Guided school tour ‘Multicultural Antwerp’

A tour designed for pupils about Antwerp’s migration history and cultural diversity.

Today Antwerp is home to people of 180 different nationalities. And that brings with it a unique mix of cultures. During this guided walk, you will cross the station district and Antwerp North, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Antwerp. We walk through colorful streets with a special multicultural offer of restaurants and stores. Along the way we pass a mosque and a Buddhist temple (we do not enter).

During the walk, the guide talks about the history of migration. They also talk about the different cultures living in Antwerp. They will discuss the Moroccan, Jewish, Turkish, and various African and Asian communities. On this walk, you will see the whole world pass by in Antwerp with your own eyes and, at the same time, discover how our city has become (or maybe always has been?) so diverse.


  • Staring point: De Keyserlei, at the entrance of the Central Station.
  • End point: De Keyserlei, at the entrance of the Central Station.
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: 150 euros per guide (up to 16 students per guide)
  • Accompanying teachers walk for free

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