Book a private guide in Antwerp for your group

Would you like to reserve one of our guides for a private tour in Antwerp? That is possible throughout the whole year at any time.

Tailor-made to your group

Discover Antwerp in a refreshing way during one of our walking tours. We have mapped out several themed tours through which you’ll observe the nicest and most famous spots Antwerp. If you book a private guide, then you decide the time, the starting point and who is allowed to join you on your tour.

If you opt for a private tour, you do not necessarily have to choose one of our themed tours. We are happy to design a tailormade tour for you. Do you want a walking tour in the Zurenborg neighbourhood? Or would you like to visit multicultural Antwerp? Or something else? No problem. Describe us your wishes and we will completely customize the tour. Naturally, we’ll provide the most suitable guide for your group.

Take a look at our tours and choose which side of Antwerp you would like to discover. Or tell us what you have in mind, then we will design a personalized tour for you. We are happy to help you!


For a group up to 20 people you pay a fixed price of € 175 for a tour of 2.5 hours or € 200 for a tour of 3 hours.

For a group of more than 20 people we provide one guide per 20 people. You pay € 175 for a tour of 2.5 hours or € 200 for a tour of 3 hours. For a group of 30 for example, we would provide 2 guides and you would pay € 350 for a tour of 2.5 hours and € 400 for a tour of 3 hours. For larger groups, we can offer more guides. Contact us for a customized quote.

Our guides

Our enthusiastic guides are great storytellers. They will tell you all about their favourite places that have a story to tell. They will also definitely show you hidden gems in the city and make sure you won’t get bored. They know Antwerp from the back of their hands, they are flexible and posses a good sense of humour. No boring lists of dates, but a tour by a local that takes you to places where you have never been before.

Choose your language: Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish

Our guides consider the Antwerp Dialect to be the most beautiful language in the world, but they are happy to switch languages to show you around. Walking in Antwerp offers walking tours in 5 different languages: Dutch, English, French, German or Spanish.

Tour are for all ages – kids are welcome to join!

Our private tours are suitable for anyone who can walk 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. If necessary the guide can adjust the route, the pace and story to the youngest or oldest participants. This way, anyone can enjoy all that Antwerp has to offer. Please also tell us your special wishes beforehand, then our guides will gladly take this into account.

What if it rains?

We’ll keep you as dry as possible! Check out our rain guarantees.

How long in advance do I book a private tour?

The sooner, the easier! This way you are sure that our busy guides are available at your preferred time. But if you do decide last minute, we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

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