Discovering multicultural magic in Chinatown in Antwerp

If you’re looking for a multicultural experience in this vibrant city, be sure to visit Chinatown – the only officially recognized Chinatown in Belgium. Located near the central train station, Chinatown invites you with vibrant colors and captivating smells. Let’s explore why Chinatown in Antwerp is worth a visit.

A Brief History of Chinatown Antwerp

The story of Chinatown Antwerp traces back to the second half of the 1970s when Chinese migrants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China settled in Antwerp. They brought a taste of their homeland, establishing restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses to serve the local community and their fellow immigrants. Gradually, their neighborhood blossomed into a vibrant Chinatown. It’s worth noting that while the name “Chinatown” suggests a purely Chinese identity, this neighborhood also warmly embraces various other Asian communities, including Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, and Nepali.

Official recognition of Chinatown arrived in 2001 when the Antwerp government placed four marble lions at both ends of the main street, Van Wesenbekestraat, symbolizing protection and prosperity for this unique cultural hub.

In 2010, a majestic Chinese archway, or paifang, was erected at the southern entrance of the street, infusing an elegant and authentic touch to Chinatown. The archway was crafted in China and then meticulously assembled by skilled Chinese artisans in Antwerp.

What to see and do in Chinatown Antwerp

Chinatown Antwerp is a small but lively area that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. Here are some of the highlights that you should not miss:

1/ Savor the Asian flavors

Chinatown Antwerp is a paradise for food lovers, as it boasts a wide range of restaurants offering different types of Asian cuisine, such as Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Thai, and Nepali. From tasty dim sum to savory sushi, spicy curry to mouthwatering pad thai, momo to much more – Chinatown has it all. Some of the popular restaurants include Fong Mei, Pho Viet, Ni Shifu and Kuala Lumpur, which exude enticing aromas of spices, sauces, and fried dishes.

2/ Shop exotic treasures

If you’re hunting for exotic ingredients, spices, snacks, or souvenirs, Chinatown’s Asian supermarkets and shops have you covered. The biggest and most famous one is Sun Wah, which sells products from China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. You can also find other smaller supermarkets, such as Kam Yuen and Seing Thai where you can browse through the shelves and bins filled with a variety of products that you may not find elsewhere.

3/ Discover tranquility at the Fo Guang Shan Temple

Nestled in Van Wesenbekestraat, behind a modest yellow façade, lies the Chinese-Buddhist Fo Guang Shan temple—a serene oasis founded in 1998 by the Parent Monastery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Managed by International Buddhist Progress Society Belgium (IBPS) members, this temple opens its doors to the public, offering regular services, meditation sessions, cultural events, and educational programs. Inside, you’ll encounter a breathtaking interior adorned with statues of Buddha and bodhisattvas, vibrant paintings, lanterns, and banners.

4/ Immerse in festive celebrations

Chinatown Antwerp truly comes alive during special occasions and festivities. The highlight is, without a doubt, the Chinese New Year celebration, typically falling between late January and early February. During this time, Chinatown is full of red lanterns and banners. It hosts a parade with lion dances, dragon dances, firecrackers, martial arts demonstrations, and cultural performances. Other Chinatown festivals include the Mid-Autumn Festival, which involves eating mooncakes and lanterns; the Dragon Boat Festival, which consists of racing dragon boats and eating zongzi; and the Buddha’s Birthday, which involves bathing Buddha statues and offering flowers.

Chinatown is an interesting stop for anyone keen on exploring the multifaceted character of Antwerp. It’s a place to immerse yourself in a different world and broaden your horizons.

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