There are currently no COVID-19 measures for guided tours in Antwerp. In Flanders, wearing a face mask is still mandatory inside buidings and on places where it’s too crowded. Because we sometimes enter buildings on our tours, we’d like to ask you to bring a face mask.

What does Walking in Antwerp do to prevent contamination?

  • Guides that show symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to work.
  • Our guides respect the necessary physical distance.
  • The guide will think extra hard about the place where he/she stops to explain: far enough from another group of people, without obstructing the passage of passers-by,…

What do we ask our visitors?

  • Visitors need to book their tour in advance via our website.
  • We ask vistors to pay in advance ass well. If you make a reservation through our website, you can pay immediately online. For persons/companies that have not booked through the website, we ask to make the payment by bank transfer. If you have to pay on the spot for any reason, you should pay contactless. We prefer not to receive cash.
  • We ask all visitor to bring a face mask. 
  • During the tour, we ask you to keep the necessary social distance (1.5 meters) between the other participants who do not belong to the same family or “bubble”.
  • Please don’t participate in the tour if you show suspicious symptoms that may indicate COVID-19 infection.


Measures have been introduced in Antwerp to prevent the spread of the corona virus. You can find an overview of the rules that currently apply in Antwerp via Visit Antwerp 

People walking during tour of the little island