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Mother’s Day in Antwerp

In Antwerp Mother's Day isn't celebrated in May, but on August 15th. Why? We're happy to explain.
April 15, 2024/by admin

Antwerp with Kids: The Most Kid-Friendly Museums in Antwerp

Discover kid-friendly Antwerp museums, where chocolate, diamonds, art, and more come to life. Embark on a journey of exploration and delight with your family, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
March 4, 2024/by admin

What not to miss in Antwerp: 5 Hidden Gems

Antwerp is a city full of surprises, and sometimes you stumble upon something that genuinely leaves you amazed, like a hidden green oasis or an impressive sculpture garden featuring 63 life-sized statues. In this blog, we'll explore the five most enchanting hidden spots in Antwerp – must-see attractions you won't want to overlook!
January 22, 2024/by admin

Who is Jef Lambeaux, the man behind the iconic Brabo Fountain in Antwerp?

Jef Lambeaux stands out as one of the most flamboyant and eccentric sculptors in the rich tapestry of Belgian history. In this blogpost, you will learn more about his life, his work, and where you can admire it.
December 3, 2023/by admin

Explore Jewish Holidays with Guide Ari

In September, the Jewish community in Antwerp celebrated a series of Jewish holidays. To learn more about these holidays, we spoke with guide Ari about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and Sukkkot.
October 1, 2023/by admin
Mensen verplaatsen zich door de Van Wesenbekestraat

Discovering multicultural magic in Chinatown in Antwerp

If you're looking for a multicultural experience in this vibrant city, be sure to visit Chinatown - the only officially recognized Chinatown in Belgium.
September 19, 2023/by admin
Interactief kunstwerk genaamd De Antwerpse Fluisteraar

Unmissable outdoor artworks on Eilandje

Discover 5 striking outdoor artworks that make the Eiland a vibrant neighborhood.
June 19, 2023/by admin

8 beautiful buildings in Antwerp’s shopping district

Antwerp's shopping street Meir knows how to combine fashion sublimely with beautiful historic facades and buildings. Here are 8 must-sees.
April 24, 2023/by admin

How Antwerp Jews experience Passover

As Antwerp's Jewish community is preparing for Passover, Guide Ari guides us through the remarkable traditions of Passover.
April 4, 2023/by admin
Group poses at the Nello and Patrasche statue in Antwerp during a rainy day in Antwerp

7 fun activities to do in Antwerp during rainy days

Our suggestions if your are looking for fun activities in Antwerp where you can take shelter from the rain.
January 31, 2023/by admin
Close-up van zelfportret Rubens

In search of Rubens in Antwerp

An overview of sites where you can admire Rubens' work.
November 17, 2022/by admin
Groepsfoto voor de ingang van Antwerpen-Centraal op een regenachtige dag

The emergence of Antwerp-Central

A brief history of the construction of this architectural gem reveals that the building initially met with resistance from Antwerp residents.
September 11, 2022/by admin